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Summer Thunder:

She loves summer thunder
You wonder about lovin' what she loves
Summer thunder

You've been here too many times
you lay your open face upon the floor
You say welcome to another victim
anxiously awaiting his reward

You swear you don't really want that
You swear on a stack of Hustler
you don't really want that

So close but so far and if you left her now
you'd finally hold the whip
And in your victory romp you'd show all the girls
how you shoot from the hip

Remember how she feels inside

And now she won't return your phone calls
She let you kiss her as she left in a hurry
She ran into the rainfall

So close but so far you nearly let her know
how well she seemed to fit
How she made you feel like jumpin' off the concrete
into poppy fields

You cannot escape it

2003 Khalid Hanifi
'Spirits Of Agnew'

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