Get into the Maypops!

Here take this head two arms and neck and don't forget
Talking my derelict symbionese
Workin' up a sweat
Shoot down your favorite star my love
How's about a tete-a-tete?

Hangman jubilation

She says I'm cold
We stay up all night
Is she a super psychic summer chanteuse?
Back lit with a reading light
Two feet two heads one leg one arm

Ten feet six heads one leg gosh darn

2003 Khalid Hanifi
'Spirits Of Agnew'

Blackeyed Susan
Yola My Blues Away
The Bloom Is Off The Rose
Stuck In First
Summer Thunder
Set Me Up, Knock Me Down
Purple and Blue
Love Song #37
Baked Cliche
Ready To Crawl
Listen Sound Off