Get into the Maypops!
Blackeyed Susan:

I forget did you better me
Did I swallow you or did you swallow me
I'd like to think I don't want to know
I don't know why this has always been so

Blackeyed Susan

We had a hay hole off in that field
My oh my what a pleasure it yield
Some other guy has stolen your heart
But I want it back and I know where to start

Blackeyed Susan

I've got myself a set of cheap wheels
I'd like to drive and to feel how you feel

And if you think I need you
That is correct my sweet placebo
And if you think I'm greedy
I won't protest
No, no

Surprise, oh who woulda thunk
You and I at the same gas pump
I want to give you some kind of lift
I promise to drive if you promise to shift

Let's go for a ride

2003 Khalid Hanifi
'Spirits Of Agnew'

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