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Ready To Crawl:

Feelin' like I'm ready to crawl back to you now
Maybe it's the realization I don't know how
And if I ever give up it will not be too much
You know that I'll always have a crutch
Maybe we could find the time to talk just for a while
I could tell you everything I know with so much style
And I hope that you're impressed
I'm giving you my best
You do look beautiful in that dress
When all is said and done I hope that you will come
To an appreciation of my hubris
I only want what's best
I can't regard the rest
I know it's tedious
But there you are
Feelin' like I'm ready to crawl into to you now
Would you be so kind as to forget I broke your heart
And if you ever give up it will not be too much
We're already keeping in touch

2003 Khalid Hanifi
'Spirits Of Agnew'

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