Whose Idea Was That?

As the caption to the left informs us, it has been proven that virtue is correlative to wealth.   Anyone who thinks otherwise is either deluded or a fool, or worse, a deluded fool.   Take me, for instance, and my maundering little number Whose Idea Was That?,” from my new CD “A Brief Respite From Shooting Fish In A Barrel.”   Can you imagine why anyone would bother posing such an inane question in song form?  That’s the real question here – did I think someone might answer and suddenly I would know who actually invented the courageous pursuit of exploiting others for one’s gain?   So, maybe I could finally figure out how to do it too, perhaps?
Here’s a thought, Khalid:  if you want to get rich, you might want to stop writing songs like this.  Grow up and start writing songs with titles like “Money,” or “Money, Money, Money,” or “Money, My Love,” or “My Love, Money,” or “Gonna Climb That Money Tree And Grab It All”  – that people will actually like.

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