The Way Business Gets Done

The last track to be both written and recorded for my new disc A Brief Respite From Shooting Fish In a Barrel was The Way Business Gets Done.   This spring I was looking for an excuse to write something short and sweet to add to the new disc.  One morning, while vacuuming down my ration of eggs, a line in the Harper’s article I was reading, The Warrior Class: A golden age for the freelance soldier, by Charles Glass, leaped off of the page and splattered itself onto the windshield of my eyes.   It was the quote that vaulted this song into existence: “war is still the way that business gets done in the world.”  The quote is from Tim Spicer’s 1999 book An Unorthodox Soldier: Peace and War and the Sandline Affair.   Spicer, a controversial (to say the least) mercenary (I of course mean “contractor”) is the founder of Aegis Defense Services.  Aegis currently has the contract with the US DoD to provide Facility Protective Services in Afghanistan, which essentially means that they are being paid approximately $300 million to stop clashes between other contractors.  Mr. Spicer, kudos to you.  You’ve said something so pure, so true and so beautiful (I mean “horrifying”), that there is absolutely no way to argue with you.  Check and mate!
Also, in any discussion of this track, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the stellar performances of George Bedard, Patrick Prouty and Chuck Mauk.  I had a general picture of what I wanted to achieve when I presented the tune to them, but they knew what I wanted better than I did myself!  Pat Prouty on that upright bass gives the track a sleepy yet full bloom erection, I dare say.  And George – well he just knows how to sing with his fingers; those voicings are so rich that they make Jamie Dimon feel like a latrine attendant, a job he would no doubt excel at.

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