Stuck In First featured in NBC’s Mercy

I’ve had a number of bands over the years, the most recent of which was called Maypops.   This was my songwriting vehicle of choice in the late ’90s, early ’00s, and consisted of me, Oni Werth, and a handful of other folks that were around at the time – Vinnie Dombrowski, Brian Delaney, and a few others.  

Stuck In First  was one of first songs that we worked on with Tim Patalan, who ended up co-producing the Maypops disc.  It actually started off featuring a sort of rhythmic, chugging harmonica line where the intro guitar line is now.  The harmonica met it’s end when Tim performed the first of a number of  mercy killings.  I remain devastated. 

We were convinced at the time that the song had an extremely bright future as a Diet Coke advertisment – just substitute “Diet Coke” for “Stuck In First” and let the campaign begin!   It’s a no-brainer, really.  There is still time, Muhtar.

2 thoughts on “Stuck In First featured in NBC’s Mercy

  1. Stuck In First is my favorite track on the Maypops album. Always wished that the chorus repeated one more time before ending. I like it because I got a million gripes myself.

  2. Partial to “the bloom is off the rose” for the poetic last refrain. But really dig “the snow might melt, the wind might blow, it all goes on…ya know, ya know” from MOTW’s “disconnected”.

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