Conblogulations, you’ve found my outer sanctum!

And so it begins, another reason to sit in front of a computer.  Pinch me.  This is my first post ever, and it occurs here on the first day of what shall certainly prove to be another year.  It is music, sweet music, that has led me to this process, and more than likely, what has led you to this site as well.  

What I will be divulging here, other than the devastating hard earned wisdom I have accumulated in my battle with TMD (Trenchant Maw Disorder), are scintillating insights and updates regarding my musical activities.  What these activities will be exactly,  I’m not sure.  I do know, however, that there will be new songs.  I know this because that’s what I’ve been working on!  My plan is to release a number of songs this year, that will only be available as downloads, no hard copies, thank you sir.  This is 2010, after all.  

So please visit again, and often.  

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18 thoughts on “Conblogulations, you’ve found my outer sanctum!

  1. Well, all I know is that the onset occurred after my foot had been stuck in my mouth for quite some time.

  2. I was able to score a rare copy of the 45 rpm debut single released in 1984 on Stigmata Records recorded by Map of the World. The vinyl is in mint condition and will be a nice addition to the other single tracks that I have that were released only in an analog format.

    For those that have not heard these tunes, It’s like discovering buried treasure. Both cuts sound terrific as they were professionally recorded at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI. The debut single is titled “Monkey Paw” and has Khalid growling out the final chorus with Sophia in spirited mid tempo form: “I went to the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkey paw is going through your head”.

    The B side cut “Disconnected” features lead vocals by Sophia Hanifi with a nifty opening bass intro by Michael Stander. Not sure who played drums as there is no credit provided. Any help that Khalid?

  3. My guess was Tom Whittaker on drums, only because he was the producer and drummer on the later session that resulted in the Hiroshima Girls single and Natural Disasters EP.

    Speaking of Natural Disasters, I noticed that there is an LP release out there that includes a lyric sheet and 3 page
    Promo sheet. The copy that I snagged at Schoolkids Records back in the day had no such shwag included.

    Can’t recall if I cheaped out on the better package and passed on it or whether the other version was promo only and never offered for public consumption.

  4. There were 1000 copies pressed of the 6 song EP ‘Natural Disasters,’ and all of them had the insert, which was handwritten by Sophia. At least that’s my dim recollection. You can see the insert at
    If you bought a new copy without the insert, that would have to be the result of record assembly line worker error.

  5. I acquired my copy of ‘Natural Disasters’ from a certain radio station promo bin, but of course, the inserts were long gone. There must have been some tantalizing photos or prose in them for one to part with the vinyl but keep the inserts…

  6. I am wondering if the murky mumblings at the beginning of the MOTW track “Monkey Paw” are overdubbed backwards vocals? (They come in right before the tambourine and have a real haunting quality). Can’t make out the words, but they are prolly fitting with the song’s theme…watch out what you wish for…toying with fate only brings you sorrow, etc.

  7. Sorry to say that I don’t remember the exact source of those voices, though I do remember that they were intentionally placed. That’s a long time ago!

  8. Were there ever any music videos released of MOTW other than live gig recordings? It looks like there was some still photo publicity shots taken around the time that the band recorded with Atlantic Records. Most labels in the 80’s were shooting two or three music videos for each project, but not sure what kind of budget was available for your group.

  9. I seem to recall some MOTW promos/videos from the Natural Disasters era–they were black n white performance clips (but not “live”), had Tom Whitaker on drums, possibly were aired on Community Access TV? Remember those, Hutson?

  10. We did do one video for the song Make Your Decision. It was done by a guy named Mitch Peyser, who was a UM student at the time. It wasn’t a performance, but more of a ‘video’ in the mtv sense. I may have that lurking in a box in my basement, but I’m not sure.

  11. Jose: I do recall watching the A2 Community Access clips of MOTW back in the 80’s. They were not promo, just the band jamming without an audience and it was shown in B/W.

    I think I recorded one gig at the time on beta videotape off of the cable broadcast. The problem is that my beta player is now toast as the playback is wobbly. I might be able to at least preview it though and confirm that the clip still exists on the tape…will keep you posted on that.

  12. Well Jose, so far no luck locating the MOTW Betamax tape. I had to Wade through a lot of 80’s Footage including the Groove Biscuits shot live at the A2 community center. They would simulcast the cable broadcast on WCBN back then and pretty much anyone with a pulse could get access to the studio. Kinda like the equivalent of today’s Youtube. But there was some good stuff shot as well. Maybe you are correct that the MOTW stuff was just clips and not live. I will continue the quest.

  13. The 45 rpm debut from Kiss Me Screaming “Avalanche” on Happy Hour Records was a limited pressing. Wondering how many were produced and why Happy Hour was not involved with the full length LP released later on Schoolkids Records?

  14. Happy Hour was Wendy Case’s label at the time, mostly a boutique garage label, but she put out our single because we were (and still are) friends. That was in late 1993, I believe. We didn’t finish with the rest of the KMS disc until sometime in 95, and that was when Schoolkids’ label was just getting off the ground. Steve Bergman, a great friend and supporter of mine, was excited about it, and had some good distribution, so we went in that direction.

  15. Khalid, what is the story behind the cover photo on the Kiss Me Screaming album? If there is any kind of story, that is…

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