Long Slow Goodbye


Here’s a gem that has been lurking in my catalog for the better part of 20 years, albeit mostly unfinished, despite it being a more or less constant fixture on the set list. The old version clocked in at a grand total of two chords and as many choruses as we could stand to play; the new version sports a bridge comprised of an additional four chords and also touts the virtue of a frugal and disciplined total of two choruses.   Newly sober when I composed it, I liked the idea of saying goodbye to that long, long face of mine and all of its dashed expectations.  As I suspected and as the song suggests, this has been a lengthy process and remains ongoing. 

Much love and credit to the wonderful musicians who helped to give this track its vim and vigor: Trez Gregory, Annie Mauk and Mandy Mauk (background vocals), Gracie Mauk (keyboards and background vocals), J. Ronquillio (bass and background vocals), Peter Kharchenko (guitars) and last, but certainly not least, Chuck Mauk (drums and percussion).

Long Slow Goodbye is now streaming wherever the internet flows, including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

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