New Single – Talk To The Invisible Hand

2578486204-1Wow, has it really almost been a year since my last entry?  Time flies!  I guess that’s what happens when one engages in the sort of deeply philanthropic activity that I am generally immersed in:  VACATIONING!!!  This is how I’m giving back to the lesser fortunate, but have they thanked me?  No they have not.   I’ve been at Sandals® on Cuba Libre, busy with having feelings (mostly pleasurable, though I have had moments of anger, particularly when Sandals® employees look me in the eye : – [ ), and with crafting more of these extraordinarily profitable songs.

Quite a story behind this latest one.  I was sunning down on Sandals®’s  Beach™, taking in some recreational reads, such as (editor’s note: the following are paid endorsements) The Wealth of Nations, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide,  The Family,a Scott Horton article in Harper’s, and the amazing Brittany Spears’ Heart to Heart, when all of a sudden everything went black.  A swollen coconut had struck me on the head!   I woke to the concerned Latin gibberish of Miguel (my personal Sandals®  manFriday™), who was so visibly upset that I couldn’t bring myself to let him know that I had good reason to suspect that he had struck me himself.  No matter.  Then, as my bleeding head rest in Miguel’s trembling arms, all of a sudden, like a movement of my considerable bowels, this song emerged, virtually fully formed.  Solid, but just pliable enough to permit molding and sculpting before it’s arrival here in the marketplace.

Check it out here, at CDBaby or at iTunes.

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