New Single – How Can You Live Without Me?

1946085680-1There I sat, hot tears streaming down my weathered cheeks, when all of a sudden, I heard it… “how can you liiiiiiiiiiiiive without ME.”  I felt that I had really tapped into a deep vein at heart of the matter.  For me.  Because I knew how I would live without the person in question.  That was the easy part.  In fact, I was rather pleased about the termination of this particular affaire du coeur.   I was concerned about her.  How would she manage, after all I had done for her?

So, I called my friend Gardner Cole to see if he could help me fully articulate this anguished message of love in song.  He suggested strings, and boy oh boy was he right!  Jonathan Visger, Vinnie Dombroski, Patrick Prouty and Chris Benjey all participated in a healing ceremony as the recording commenced, and at the end of a blustery, slate-skied day in  Tree City, U.S.A., we had completed this masterful soundscape of poignant devastation.   Bear aural witness to this heartbreaking majesty, either here on this website, at iTunes, or  CDBaby.

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