New Single: Hog Futures

Distraught Ronald McDonaldEver since that auspicious day in 1886 when the U.S. Government breathed life into the corporation via  Santa Clara Co. v. Southern Pacific Railroad (I was 8 years old at the time), granting it personhood, the Government has been doing all it can, as any good parent would, through various military interventions, exported financial theory, and tax breaks, to allow these fragile entities to grow and prosper.

Well, that Government is growing old and feeble, and it’s time for you and I, dear friends, to step up and lend a helping hand.  You think that this economic downturn has hit you hard?  Think about that person who is perhaps a million times larger than you.  It should be obvious that, by virtue of their volume alone, corporate tears contain more anguish than yours or mine.   Excuse me…  I get choked up when I think about it…  Some of my best friends are corporations, you see.  Exxon has always been there when I needed to drive out into the night, just to get my head straight; that Nike swoosh has powered me to the basket when I might otherwise have hobbled lamely into the lane….

So, please, give generously to your favorite corporation.  Or better still, download my latest offering Hog Futures for free today (despite the fact that it will ask you for a dollar, I believe you can simply not enter an amount, and thus it becomes free).  My friend Jonathan Visger (Mason Proper, Absofacto) and I produced it wearing matching Ralph Lauren Polo attire, sipping Coke brand cola, and dining exclusively at the Burger King’s luxury drive-thru.   Enjoy this song product for yourself.  Share it with those who share our concern for the welfare of corporations everywhere, as it’s important to get this message out there.  Of course, if you drop a Washington, Jefferson, or even a Lincoln on it, you will also be helping me to be the best consumer I can be.  What could be more important?

4 thoughts on “New Single: Hog Futures

  1. Khalid, were you rained out at the church street gig recently? I never made it because a nasty storm was brewing but I was hoping to hear Hog Futures live. It’s been on repeat on the iPod for weeks. I am hoping that you release the new stuff on CD as I love the artwork too!

  2. Yep, we were rained out. Just about half way through our set, right before Hog Futures, as a matter of fact. I definitely intend to release the new stuff as a CD, when I’ve got 12 or so out the door.

  3. Nice to hear that you guys rehearsed Hog Futures for the live set. Love the subtle sarcasm in the John Lennon reference: “imagine all the people, shootin’ up their mutual funds, you could say I’m a dreamer”. Might serve as a clever retort to the person that claimed that “Khalid sounds like Paul McCartney… if he was John Lennon”.

    Personally, I am also hearing solo era Lennon vocal influence when listening to “Shooting the Breeze” circa the “Double Fantasy” era. Maybe that progression is natural as reviewers years ago claimed Beatlesque influences in your music along the lines of “Rubber Soul”.

  4. That clever retort would be to me, as that’s how I described how I sound when I set up my myspace page. The Beatles are inevitably in my musical dna – no getting around that! Glad you got the Imagine reference, I certainly cracked up when I wrote it. Sadly, that’s not a very acurate predictor as to what other people will find amusing.

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