How do you pronounce your name?

KAH-lid  Hu-NEE-fee.

Why don’t you have more FAQs?

Because I define “frequent” in increments of 10,000.  The above question is the only one to have exceed that count.  Keep asking, however, as I am tracking this closely.  I do have one question that has been asked 8,543 times – looking forward to making it FAQ #2 soon!

5 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I was a big MOTW fan. Loved “Houses of the Holy” live, remember? How can I get an MP3 of “Hiroshima Girls?” When I first heard that song, I can’t tell you how many times I played over and over and over and…!

  2. I used to play “Hiroshima Girls” when I was a DJ at Oakland University’s campus station in 1985. At least once a day for a couple months. Never saw the EP though back then…too bad…”Big Business” would have been on the A list.

    How’s that reissue campaign coming along Khalid?

  3. Well, a reissue of that EP is something I would love to do, and will happen eventually. It’s just a matter of time and money…

  4. A reissue would be great especially if it included digital releases of demos, outtakes, different versions, etc. Not sure how deep the vault is with other material Khalid, but in my opinion the passing of time has shown that MOTW was more talented and unique than most of the bands that have come out of the Midwest in the last 25 years.

    As you point out, the reality is that it takes time and $$$ to produce copies of a reissue and, unless there is a broad based following, most indie labels will not take the risk of funding such a project. Also, marketing today is geared towards the 35 and under age group that buys the most music, mostly in MP3 format, and that segment will usually only find interest in a band from the past that they are already familiar with.

    So where does that leave the rest of us that still appreciate bands like MOTW, but have played the 16 released tunes to death? Right here…petitioning the key master to unlock the vault!

  5. Point taken. I would love to make some of that stuff available, and I appreciate that you actually have an interest in it. I will certainly keep this in mind!

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