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  1. *Concert Review* Live at the Ann Arbor.Com Building Front Porch, July 16, 2010

    (I am posting this review here for lack of a better idea where it could go, so feel free to move it elsewhere, Mr. Webmaster)

    This was one of the best noon hour gigs I have ever seen–great music, beautiful day, comfortable chair, up-front seat, appreciative audience. If you missed it…well, as David Crosby said at the Monterey Pop Festival, “You’re really out of it, man…”

    Khalid introduced his group as the “Khalid Hanifi Experience”, seemingly relishing the Jimi Hendrix reference. The group opened up with “Summer Thunder” off the Maypops album. All the songs performed were either from the Maypops, Pampalousse Presse, or those download-only tracks.

    It was warm out, but a strong breeze kept this very comfortable. Khalid even noted at one point “we are getting blown around up here…”, he had to keep his set list under an effect pedal to keep it from flying away.

    As I told Khalid after the show, it was great and very enjoyable, even though they did not perform any of the tracks I really wanted to hear (Hog Futures, I Wouldn’t Bet The Farm, Idiot Box…Big Business—yes, bit of a long-shot for that one, lol). Maybe next time at the Art Fair show.. Tunes performed included My Latest Trainwreck, Blues In Diane, Ruthless, Only Human, Yola My Blues Away, Stuck In First, Bloom Is Off The Rose (I was surprised how much of the set came from the Maypops record), Shootin’ The Breeze (the newest song, apparently performed live for the very first time), July, and I Want You To Do Things That I Say. And maybe a couple I have forgotten by now…

    Mr. Hanifi was a bit tentative for the first few songs, and it was soon apparent that the “Experience” was not that experienced playing his repertoire….but a few tunes in and the band and its leader loosened up and relaxed, and things began to cook. Khalid’s long-time bass player, Oni Werth, was not present. George Beddard was the only other face familiar to me, although, as I later learned, keyboard player Chris B has been a sideman live and on record since the Maypops days. George sported a new (to me) Hofner “Beatle Bass-style” violin-shaped guitar, and his trademark Duane Eddy-meets-Dick Dale riffing cut through the mix very nicely. Khalid cranked up his Gibson jazz box for a ripping, spontaneous guitar solo of his own that drew the loudest applause of the day.

    The audience seemed to like the music and clapped enthusiastically after each song, even the few that had some clunkers. Khalid looked sharp in his crisp white shirt (no tie) and blue/green suit. The sound was good, and although the keyboards were a bit loud, the vocals were crisp and the rhythm section was solid. A few well-dressed women, other,more casual MILF-types, and a mesmerized 3 yr old all wandered about. The hour went by very fast. A splendid time was had by all.

  2. I am shocked, shocked that you are presenting the music of this Khalid Hanifi! With his guitar and suggestive movements, he seems to be channeling the early Elvis Presley. This was shocking then, and it’s shocking now.

  3. Paul,

    That was my reaction, too. Khalid’s hip movements were way too suggestive and over-the-top. Thank God the other musicians excercised restraint.

  4. The thing is, the music is strong enough to stand on its own. Khalid’s wild gyrations were a distraction from an otherwise wonderful music experience.

  5. Agreed! These gyrations are inappropriate for my children. I was led to believe that Mr. Hanifi is a *family friendly* artist.

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