New Single – Shootin’ The Breeze

Shootin' The Breeze (small)I was shootin’ the breeze with myself the other morning, relaxing on one of my favorite park benches, having come to the conclusion that I am in fact correct about my most cherished assumptions (Sam “The Banana Man” Zemurray CLEARLY had two children with Bebe Rebozo:  daughter Reba – TV’s “Reba McEntire,” and son Bozo – TV’s “Bozo,” sadly still deceased  – WHY IS THIS STILL A SECRET?) when I started to become skeptical  (see photo).  Let’s join the conversation…

Khalid:  …of course, I’m sure we can agree to differ.

Khalid:  What are you talking about?

Khalid:  I’m not the one doing all the talking here, buddy.

Khalid:  What’s that supposed to mean?

Khalid:   It means I don’t have to listen to your malarky, sir.

It went on and on.  What I would have given to be speaking with someone other than myself, so that I could simply walk away!   But that hasn’t been the case for some time now.    Had I been talking with someone outside of my inner sanctum (in addition to my keeping-myself-company duties, I provide my own health and lawn maintenance,  financial worry, waffle ironing, etc.  – so I don’t have much time to engage in social frivolities!), I would certainly have prevailed upon them to consider becoming intoxicated with my new song Shootin’ The Breeze.

4 thoughts on “New Single – Shootin’ The Breeze

  1. I am really liking this tune. Actually, I am digging all 3 download singles, because it was not until today that I was able to download any of them…..technical difficulties for sure, but it was worth the wait. Can’t complain about the price, either. “Shootin’ The Breeze”…..kind of sounds like a Wes Montgomery or George Benson album title.

    Now where are the B-sides to these singles hiding out?


  2. By “B sides” do you mean tracks that will not be featured on an eventual CD release of new material? It used to be easy to distinguish B side tracks as they were on the flip side of 7 or 10 inch vinyl records. Nowadays, with the advent of MP3’s, it’s hard to tell if a tune must be considered a bonus cut or B side if it’s simply not an album track. I guess if you release these tunes as CD singles with their own labeling then the distinction will be more apparent.

    From what I gathered from Khalid’s radio interview, it’s easier to release individual tracks as each one is completed via the Internet. Once you have enough material, then you can consider releasing the compilation as one new album. That method provides more flexibility in the production process and also keeps an artist’s material flowing to listeners on a regular basis.

    I say bring on the B side EP of all the “throwaway” tunes that don’t make the cut and put it out there for the diehard fans. Do a limited production release on colored vinyl only or something and after a decade goes by some indie label will remaster and repackage it with never seen before pics and liner notes and get big bucks for it the second time around!

  3. The problem for me is that I don’t have time to work on my throwaway tunes. I wish I did! When someone figures out how to make big bucks off my catalog, I’m hoping they cut me in on the deal.

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